Our focus is training athletes to compete in the 2 Olympic lifts: snatch and clean & jerk. Learning to perform these lifts correctly builds explosiveness, speed, balance, flexibility and power that improves performance in nearly any sport.

We welcome beginners, youth, groups of friends wanting to try something different, as well as fierce competitors and elite athletes training to make an Olympic team in their sport or win a world title.

Titans Weightlifting is focused on developing outstanding Olympic weightlifters, regardless of age or level of experience.

Titans athletes have been medalists at senior nationals, masters world champions, masters national champions, junior national champions, junior world team members, and regularly compete at senior national events.  We focus on the unique needs of each athlete–including age, experience level, and meet schedule–and design programming tailored to those needs.

Titans runs like the old-school weightlifting gym. Titans has platforms set around the walls of the gym so that Coach can easily see everyone who is lifting. There are real wood platforms, rubber bumper plates, olympic barbells with great spin, squat racks, jerk blocks, and lots and lots of chalk.

Our lifters train as a team. While everyone’s schedule is slightly different, everyone feeds off of the upbeat, encouraging atmosphere of training seriously with fellow weightlifters. Coach is present the entire time–walking around the platforms and eyeing every athlete. Each lifter is given an individual program. Coach will make adjustments and corrections to technique and adjust the program daily or as needed.

Titans exists to develop great weightlifters.  Athletes of many other sports train at Titans to improve their performance in the Olympic lifts, develop their technique and build explosiveness, speed, and power.